BF40 Classic

BF40 Classic

Baufit residential aluminum fence system BF40 Classic has many advantages when you compare it with classic iron made fences. Baufit fence systems are powder coated, maintenance-free, and has easy installation methods. It does not need to be welded. Fix the square aluminium post to the ground and install the vertical pro les with spears on it to the horizontal pro les. All screws are hidden. Increase your property security without sacri cing style with a Baufit residential aluminum fence. Baufit BF40 Classic feature elegant picket points, which will increase security and add a degree of timeless elegance to any property. We regard an aluminum fence not only as an enclosure. Our aluminum fence components will make an aluminum fence a real highlight on your property.

  • 40×40 mm Aluminium post
  • Screws are not visible
  • Standard RAL colors are available
  • Simple, clean and stylish lines
  • Strong, light and rust free
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly

BF40 Classic

BF40 Classic