About Us

We are a leading PVC and Aluminium Door and Window manufacturer , with high technology machineries and experienced team we aim to provide one of the best Windows and Door installation service to our customers in Europe and the other regions where we have current operations like Balkans, Middle East and South East Asia. We offer different types of windows and doors either Aluminum or PVC with variety of profiles to choose from. Our customer oriented business philosophy makes us deliver the best service to our customers regardless  circumstances. We keep improving our team with all necessary technical and safety trainings and at the same time we always develop new products to be able to service better to our customers in the region. Baufit products available in different countries and we are expanding our network to different regions continuously, we have experience in the different buildings from house to apartment , low and high rise buildings, hospitals, schools, industrial buildings and so on… Give us a a call to learn more about Baufit products our team will be more than happy to asist you with your all types of window and door needs. Baufit products best fits to your building, aesthetic, modern, perfect insulation, low maintenance and saves your utility bills!

Our Vision

We manufacture products with high insulation values with the best energy performance and long lasting with minimum maintenance. We have studied the different markets around the world for several years and we are producing products that are suitable for extreme climates in different geographical locations. We are assured that Baufit products are one of the most suitable uPVC Products for different weather conditions around the world.

Take a look at some of our work:

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