TPV Benefits

A pioneer in the uPVC profile industry, BauFit was the first to introduce TPV (Thermo Plastic Vulcanizate) gaskets in the uPVC window sector.

Colour: Unlike EPDM , TPV can be produced in a range of colours. Keeping in mind the usage of glass, BauFit TPV gaskets have a distinctive grey colour to help stand out in an ocean of identical windows.

Weld-ability: TPV can be welded along with the profiles, unlike EPDM. This ensures that there is no possibility of air, water or sound leakage through the edges of the window.

New Profile Sections:

BauFit always strives to deliver the best to our customers. With this mission in mind and after considering the feedback from our fabricators, we designed and introduced the Combination Mullion. It can be used for doors and windows that are a combination of sliding and fixed.

The Combination Mullion profile can replace 3 different profiles at one time. This not only helps reduce costs but also helps reduce the number of steps in window fabrication and improves quality by reducing the number of joints.