Bay Window

As a good architect, you need to have an eye for solutions that are modern, technically sound and innovative, and a knack for delivering within the given costs and timelines. And when it comes to doors and windows, BauFit uPVC systems offer an optimal balance between aesthetics, design, performance and value.

Take a look at the following critical criteria that BauFit more than satisfies:

  • Almost unlimited customization options: available in a range of shapes and designs, combinations and extra-large windows.
  • Technical attributes: high sound and thermal insulation, besides protection against rain water seepage.
  • Range of finishes to suit the desired look of exteriors/interiors: available in white and wood-finish laminations.

We at BauFit constantly strive to innovate and introduce better products, such as environment-friendly, lead-free profiles. We have also introduced CRP profiles, based on advanced co-extrusion technology. Our new profiles are specially designed for Thailand, providing fly mesh and security grill options, as well as architrave options for better aesthetics. In fact, BauFit has many firsts to its credit. Moreover, for special projects, we offer an added advantage of sourcing profiles from BauFit’s European factories, when certain products are not manufactured in Thailand.

And to seal the deal, BauFit partners with architects to ensure the right solution is provided for every project. This includes profile drawings for initial assessment and a range of designs based on the project guidelines. We even provide corner sections and sample windows, to give the architects a feel of the product before placing the order.